Atari - Magazín FLOP

An electronic floppy disk-based "magazine" for Atari XL/XE computers.

Short History of FLOP Magazine

Flop 01 menu The first issue of FLOP was released already in 1989 by the Atari Club Rožnov pod Radhoštěm under the direction of Petr Vičar. The club continued with publishing (under the name of FLOP Club) until issue 27. The magazine was paid.

Flop 28 Since issue 28 (year 1994) the production of FLOP was taken over by editor's office based in Prostějov, consisting of Zdeněk Burian, Jan Walla and Radek Štěrba (Raster). They went on with publishing the paid magazine up to issue 42 (in 1999).

Flop 43 Starting from issue 43 (year 2000), FLOP is produced "purely for joy" and comes out in the form of a free periodical, usually once a year. Until 2011 (issue 54) it was prepared by Prostějov's editorial staff.

Flop 55 František Houra, who produced FLOPs from 55 to 60, took on this difficult editor-in-chief task after the tragic death of Radek in 2011. Since 2014 (issue 57), FLOP production was incorporated into the activities of our new Atari Club in Olomouc.

Flop 61 From issue 61 Bohdan Milar takes over the role of editor-in-chief and the production of Flop moves to Olomouc. Scripts for automatic compilation of Flop and utilities Hyppie and AtrCompiler are created.

Diskmagazin Flop brings you a server