Description of the Letter Scrabble game

The goal of Letter Scrabble is to create valid English words with the letters on the table. You can use any shown letter regardless of its position. Simply type the word on keyboard and press Return.

The dictionary contains more than 46,000 words of between two and ten letters. If your word is found in the dictionary, you will receive points based upon its length. If your word is not found, the letters will briefly shake. If you use letters which are not on the table, the letters will turn red.

In the first level, you have five minutes to score 100 points. Your goal increases by 30 points with every level. You receive 2 points for a two letter word, 3 for three letters, 5 for four letters, 8 for five letters, 12 for six letters, 17 for seven letters, 23 for eight letters, 30 for nine letters and 38 points for ten letters. As a time bonus, you receive 4 points for each second left on the timer.

The high score on the title screen (today's best) means:

Ingame hotkeys:

RETURN = end of the word, evaluation
SPACE = pause
BACKSPACE = clear last letter entered
TAB = clear all letters entered
SHIFT = timer fast forward
ESCAPE = quit game
SELECT / OPTION = music + sfx on / off

The game requires 256 KB of expanded memory (320 KB in total).