Multi Loops

Game review from the ABBUC magazine

Loops of Zen, an addictive puzzler was released in 2008 on the Atari 8-bit. Loops DX followed, and now there is a Loops for the MultiJoy, for 5 players at the same time.

Rudla Kudla, the programmer, adapted it to the MultiJoy. When the game is loaded, you see the title screen and hear an atmospheric stereo sound. With Select you can choose wether you want to play with or without MultiJoy. If you play without MultiJoy, a maximum of two players can play against each other. With MultiJoy set, five players can play at the same time. All five players are shown at startup, but if one player is not moved, the Atari detects this and these players disappear. So there can always be at least one player, up to a maximum of five players playing together.

There are 4 different playing fields, from 6 x 10 (easy), 12 x 20, 18 x 30 and 24 x 39 (difficult). The aim is to connect the fields with the symbols on them in such a way that no open end of the symbols remains. This sounds easier than it is, especially with five players at the same time.

Each player can now move his colored cursor with the joystick over the playing field. The five players have different colours like: white, yellow, purple, green and blue. The symbol on the playing field can be turned 90 degrees counterclockwise with the fire button. At the bottom of the screen there is a number that indicates how many symbols still have an open end. If this number reaches 0, the game is over. At the bottom right of the screen is the time it took to finish the game.

Graphically the game is rather average, which is quite sufficient for a puzzle game. The music of R0ger is very good and not annoying. As a MultiJoy game with 5 players at the same time it is quite stressful, because everyone wants to be the first to solve the game.

Conclusion: A great MultiJoy game for in between with great music.

Multi Loops runs from 64 KB, with XL-OS and QMeg-OS 4.04.

My rating:

- Graphics:    6
- Sound:       9
- Game appeal: 7