Hot & Cold Adventure

Game review from the ABBUC magazine

A new jump'n'run like Crownland, that was what I thought first when I saw Hot & Cold Adventure for the first time. That would have been great, but unfortunately it is not a pure jump and run, rather a platform game and at second glance, graphically not as colorful and beautiful as the classic version.

Once the game is loaded, you can see a simple cover picture. It was programmed by Gorgh at the Wapniak Party this year. The game starts by pushing the fire button.

The pawn, a green, uh gnome, upright goat, whatever, is controlled with the joystick in port 1. The gnome can be moved left or right. If combined with the joystick up, it can also jump diagonally. The fire button is not needed.

The playing field extends over several screens, then it is scrolled horizontally to the right or left. The task is to collect all the rotating coins that are distributed across multiple platforms throughout the level. If the character falls from a platform, it is reset to the starting point. Of course, it's not all that easy. Mountain goats and penguins running around in the first winter level must not be touched. Upon contact with one of those, one life (from the starting value of 10) is subtracted. The same applies to jumping squares and bouncing stars.

When all coins have been collected, the level is finished and the next level appears. Unfortunately there is no points display or any other display, such as collected coins. A number is only shown briefly when a life ist lost, along with remaining lives.

Graphically, the game is actually very good, just not as colorful. The characters and obstacles are well animated, even if every now and then a pixel dances out of line. The second level has a graphically completely different level and new characters such as Monkeys. There are sound effects when you collect coins or collide with opponents. While playing, there is music that is a little annoying after a while. In the second level you have new music in the background.

Conclusion: A good platform game with nicely animated opponents. Unfortunately, completely without display score or other data. The controls are good. Graphically fine and the music is good too. Unfortunately there are only two levels. In the case of an update, several levels and a score display would be desirable.

Hot & Cold Adventure runs from 64 KB with 64KB of expanded Ram (130XE), with XL-OS and QMeg-OS 4.04.

My rating:

- Graphic:     8
- Sound:       7
- Game appeal: 8