= Diamondz 3 =

Diamondz 3 is another re-edition of Fandal's prior game. The third re-edition brings brand-new levels and two new elements.

Diamondz is a port of the flash game Cyadonia, available online at http://www.cyadonia.co.uk. The logic of the game was adopted from there. The game was then aligned with capabilities of the 8-bit Atari XL/XE computers.

When playing Diamondz, your mission is to gather all diamonds in a level and then reach exit, which is a gate to the next level. All that must be done within a time limit.

Diamondz 3 brings 33 brand-new levels. In these levels, apart from the diamonds, other elements appear. These elements include mines, invisible walls, one-way passages etc.

Two brand-new elements were added:

At the title screen, press the SELECT key to switch between background music and sound effects (you can do so also during the game). Press START or FIRE to proceed to the level selection/password entry screen.

Every level is assigned a unique password. Entering the password unlocks the given level and all previous levels too. To enter a password, use the keyboard as expected.

The game is controlled with joystick connected to port #1. The controls resemble other well-known Atomix-like logic games. The cursor only moves from one barrier to another one. Once in motion, the trajectory of the cursor cannot be changed.

While playing a level, you can press ESC to return to the level selection screen. Press ESC again to return to the title screen.

Diamondz 3 requires an XL/XE machine with at least 64 KB of RAM. The game can be launched from the FLOP reader, DOS or QMEG OS.