multi10 has been inspired by a popular game 10x10 known from the world of PCs and mobile phones. multi10 is a game for 2-4 players.

Like in the Tetris game, you insert blocks of various shapes and sizes into a game field of 10x10 squares. The goal is to form and subsequently eliminate whole rows or columns. Player who first reaches the required score wins.

The game is controlled with joystick. Firstly, select a block in the vertical menu of blocks by pushing the joystick up or down. Then push the joystick towards the game field to move the selected block into the game. When the block is at the edge of the game field, you can push the joystick towards the menu to return the block.

In the game field, you can move the block by pushing the joystick to the desired position. Press FIRE to place the block. If the block can be placed at the position, it will become green. If it cannot, it will become red.

The blocks are randomly generated in triplets. Blocks do not repeat in one triplet. In every game, the order of the blocks is the same for all players.

Score for placing a block into the game field depends on the number of squares the block is composed of. Eliminating a row or a column is rewarded with 10 points. There are no bonuses for combos - eliminating multiple rows or columns in one move.

multi10 requires an XL/XE machine with at least 48 KB of RAM. The game supports the MultiJoy interface and the STEREO extension.