This new game from BAHA Software is inspired by a rather old edition of the Yahtzee game for four players written by Gary L. Born. Much, much later, in 2016, Fandal modified the game for MultiJoy and fixed bugs that were causing random crashes. No further modifications were been made, so the game retained its original look, feel and playability.

We liked the MultiJoy version of the game and were playing it at several Atari events. However, we had a feeling that the game could use some improvements in terms of playability.

Michael "Baktra" Kalouš suggested an improvement of the game board. As he was busy with other project, he couldn't work full time on it. That's why Petr "HardCore" Postava took over the work on the new implementation. He will now enumerate all significant changes:

System requirements:

Atari XL/XE, 64 KB RAM, joystick, MultiJoy (for more than 2 players), disk drive.

What else to add? We are well aware the game will not strike you with originality. That wasn't our goal. Our goal was a good implementation and improved playability.

So that would be all, start playing the game. Now! :)

BAHA Software