FLOP 63 Editorial

Dear readers,

issue 63 of the FLOP magazine is now appearing on your screens. You can expect the traditional sections, such as the calendar of events for this year, and an interesting interview. Contrary to the expectations, we will not finish the overview of the sound chips.

After a pause, we are returning to the history topics. This time, we will not pursue developments just in the Czechoslovakia; we will provide a global perspective. We have prepared the timeline of Atari History covering history of the Atari brand and companies using that brand. We used the text as a foundation to create a list of important Atari-related anniversaries for this year. We intend to keep bringing such lists in the upcoming years.

Another highlight is our cooperation with the ABBUC magazine. It is a rich source of information that used to be available only in German. Therefore, we agreed that ABBUC will provide us with some of their articles in English. We will publish these articles together with their translations to Czech. To start, we are bringing game reviews, a genre that was missing in FLOP.

In terms of software, we bring 4 games:

This issue was prepared by the following team:

If you would like to contribute to FLOP, do not hesitate to contact us. We will appreciate quality texts, music, images, games, demos or other software. The texts can be written in Czech and/or English. We will arrange a translation if needed.

On behalf of the editorial staff, I wish you like FLOP 63. We are looking forward to your feedback so that the next issue will be even better. We expect publishing of issue 64 in October 2019, with editorial deadline by the end of July.

Bohdan Milar