Diamondz 2

Next we look at ABBUC magazine number 130. There Tigerduck reviewed Diamondz 2.

In the year 2010, Fandal already released the first version of this puzzle game. 2017 came a sequel with new levels. The game was released on the FLOP-Disk-Magazine no. 60 . The intro screen is like the preceding version, except the new date and the Letter “O” has an embedded figure “2”.

Even the background soundtrack is still the same. So far pretty good, but after a while of hard brain work it starts to become annoying. Press the START Button to forward to the “Select Level” page.

If we have mastered a level, we will be rewarded with a password. Now we are able to choose this level directly. This saves us from frustrating “playing all the levels before again” before we can start again with the unsolved one…

The goal of the game is to collect all the “Diamondz”. Therefore we have a cross that is movable to four directions. It slides to the given direction as long, as it hits an obstacle or a border.

We have to consider every move we make in order to collect each diamond. We have to be fast, because we have to keep to a time limit. If we are running out of time, we have to start from the beginning of the current level. The time left and remaining diamonds to collect are written in the status line below. Bombs appear in advanced levels also as buffers that bounces our cross in other directions. Maybe there are some other “goodies” hidden in more advanced levels. It is shame that I had only time to test until level 9. Since the predecessor had 45 levels, there should be some more surprises on the way…

If we have collected all the diamonds, there is a last task we have to fulfill. There is a field marked with an “E” for “Exit” we have to reach in order to continue to the next level.

Who thinks of similarities with “Jim Slide” may be probably right… If we are stuck, the “ESC” is our friend. Press the key and we can start right from the level select, this time hopefully with a better solution.

To keep frustration low, we have two cheats (Hey, you are a cheater!). Use the password “FREEZE” and the time limit will be canceled. With “ACCESS” we come directly to the end screen. Hint: time starts running when you start with your first move. So, first analyze the situation before you move.


Challenging brain game with good graphics and sound. Fortunately there is a password system which keeps us from playing solved levels again and again.

Sound: 7.8
Graphics: 7.0
Fun: 7.0

Overall: 7.2