Fruity Pete

Once upon a time there was a boy called Pete, who loved fruits to death. So much that during nights he dreamt of being imprisoned alone in a labyrinth full of his favourite delicacies where the only way out was to eat all the fruit out.

And taking dear Pete from his nightmare is your task in the game. There is an unlimited time to do so in every random-generated labyrinth, but the number of steps is limited. Note that Pete can only move from one obstacle to another in his dream world and various magic items may come into his way.

Also be aware that Pete can dissolve the obstacles in form of flowers with his magical spray and he gets additional steps as a bonus for the collected fruits. These also transfer to the following rounds, which is very important, because the labyrinth keeps getting more crowded and movement becomes harder.

There are three difficulty levels in the game: easy, normal and hard. As the difficulty grows, the number of pieces of fruits needed to finish the level increases by a larger increment and the labyrint also keeps getting crowded faster. Because of that, mastering all 100 levels can be quite a challenge.

Fruity Pete is controlled with a joystick in port 1. Select and Option keys allow turning music off and on, Return makes Pete commit suicide and Esc returns you to the title screen.

The game requires an Atari machine with 48 KiB of memory and can take advantage of stereo expansion. The game can be run from FLOP reader, from DOS or from QMEG menu.