FLOP 62 Editorial

Dear readers,

it wasn't easy, but we succeeded! As I suggested in the editorial of issue 61, for the first time after more than 20 years, we managed to release more than one FLOP issue in one calendar year. It remains to be seen if this exception becomes a rule for next years.

The mission of releasing two issues a year is not to double the content, but to bring content more often. That's why this issue might appear to be smaller than the previous ones. Perhaps in terms of quantity, but not in terms of quality. See for yourselves.

The trilogy of articles thoroughly describing and comparing the QMEG OS 3 and 4 is now concluded, while a new mini series of articles on sound chips of various 8-bit machines just begins. The author of the mini series is Pavel Tisnovsky, a notorious IT writer who has published more than 1000 articles at root.cz! I truly appreciate his will to write for FLOP and I believe in a long term cooperation.

When it comes to software, we bring three games. One of them is a remastered version of the Train game released and presented by BAHA Software at this year's Atariada. Then (created exclusively for FLOP) a sequel of this game, Train 2, with completely new levels.

Over the last 10 years, it has been near impossible to find a FLOP issue without a game developed or modified for MultiJoy. I would dare to say that Tonda's "Sails of Doom" game is a true masterpiece of its genre. Some of you might know the game from the public presentations of its development versions at various events. Now we bring the final version exclusively!

Given our experience with preparation of FLOP 61, we have made some subtle internal changes. Our team is now the following:

If you would like to contribute to FLOP, do not hesitate to contact us. We will appreciate quality texts, music, images, games, demos or other software. The texts can be written in Czech and/or English. We will arrange a translation if needed.

On behalf of the editorial staff, I wish you like FLOP 62. We are looking forward to your feedback so that the next issue will be even better. We expect publishing of issue 63 in April 2019, with editorial deadline by the end of January.

Bohdan Milar