Train 2 from BAHA SOFTWARE is a sequel to the earlier Train game. Train is a port of the Vlak game for IBM PC from 1993.

Drive your cargo train and collect all items on the screen. As you load items, carriages are added to your train. Do not hit the walls or your train. When you load all items, a gate opens and you can proceed to the next screen. To win the game, you must finish all 50 screens. You also play for a high score.

You begin the game with three lives. For each item collected and loaded, you are given 10 points. If you finish a screen, you are awarded 200 points for each remaining life. If you lose a life, 300 points is deducted from your score (a payment for the lost cargo). You get a new life for each 5000 points (max. 9). A new game can begin from any screen you have already reached.


In the main menu, use the stick to move the cursor. Press FIRE to select the highlighted option. During the game, use joystick to change direction of the locomotive. Press FIRE to accelerate. Hit ESC to return to the main menu.

Press SELECT and OPTION to toggle background music (BGM) and SFX.

System Requirements

New features of Train 2

This FLOP issue also includes a remastered version of the prequel game. You can enjoy the old screens with all features provided by the new engine, together with new music composed by the relentless HardCore.


The idea of porting the VLAK game crossed Peter's (HardCore's) mind at ByteFest 2016. The very first data created was Peter's RMT music.

Michael Kalouš (Baktra) wrote the code in CC65 combined with assembler. It is Michael's first Snake-like game. The NetBeans IDE was used for development.

All screens were designed by Peter, using a special editor running on PC. The editor was developed by Michael in Java.

The surprise mentioned above is Peter's idea that was presented with spiteful smile.

Michael's reactions to the increasing size of Peter's RMT file.

"... but if it significantly increases the size of the RMT file, you will experience something much worse than a programmer carrying a soldering gun :-) ... "

"Congratulations! You have just cut off the Atari 800 owners."

In the end, all went well. The soldering iron stayed in the locker and the Atari 800 owners can play the game too.