Interview with Stefan Dorndorf

At the Fujiama 2016 and 2017 parties, Zdenk Burian, Honza Kupka and I interviewed Stefan Dorndorf, a well-known German developer who visits the event regularly. If the name sounds familiar and you have QMEG built in your Atari computer, try pressing Reset + Select. Yes, it is the name in the top left part of the menu. Stefan is the author of QMEG.

Stefan is a quiet, inconspicuous person of a slightly-built figure, but very kind and likeable. Even though he was anything but idle when we addressed him for the first time, Stefan was willing to dedicate considerable length of time to us and answered all our (sometimes obtrusive) questions with great patience.

During our second meeting (in 2017), Stefan firstly dismissed us. However, the day after, when he had more time to spare, he kindly talked to us again.

The following text is a summary of our conversations from both meetings.