LAURA - Atariada 2018 Edition

When the game was released, it subdued me immediately. The moment I realized the author of the game released also a level editor, I seized the opportunity and created 32 brand-new levels.

Unfortunately, the level editor was able to only export full game in the Polish language. It crossed my mind that it would be good to translate the game to the Czech language. So I opened the binary load file in a hexadecimal editor and began my translation. I am not unfamiliar with the Polish language.

What is more, I realized not all of the texts can be overwritten that easily. Therefore, I asked Fandal for help. Fandal disassembled the game and prepared it for translation of the remaining texts. The game is now translated to the Czech language without diacritics (diacritics would be too much for me). All texts stored as bitmap graphics are left untranslated, but there is only few of these.

To win the game, you must beat 32 levels of different difficulties. In each level, you must locate certain number of masks to open an exit and then find that exit. You must collect keys to open doors. You can use bombs or coins to kill monsters. Some levels must be completed very quickly, because floods or fires occur and you might not have enough time to collect all items needed. In other levels, you must watch your steps in order not to fall from platforms.

The game has been tested and can be finished. I believe only a Superman (and possibly Fandal) could finish the game without losing any lives. I don't want to underestimate others, of course :-)

Controller: Joystick
System requirements: ATARI XL/XE with at least 128 KiB of RAM
Number of players: 1
Multijoy: No
Stereo: Supported, but not required
Launching: Run the binary load file

I would like to thank Fandal for his great help and Bohdan for his willingness.

Enjoy the game!

Akio Tenshi (Factor6), January 2018