The game Laura from Poland was released at the event Silly Venture 2016, though its developing was known and spoken about before. It raised quite interest and won also native competition for the best game of the year.

It is really big project, as for running game from file computer needs additional memory at last 128 KB size. Version residents in a cartridge don't have such limitation, in addition offers two times amount of game maps, that is 2 x 32, in fact, whole game is doubled.

On the official Polish source about game at URL:

it is possible to find short information about authors and program itself, also list of game maps, lots of pictures and what is maybe most interesting for people, files to download.

Those are four language editions of the game, polish and English manual in the form of pdf file and for real fans also map editor as application for PC with system Windows. By that was made this version of the game published as third side of FLOP 61 magazine.

Instead of some link to cartridges' sale is there only short notice about not sending questions about it. So I think the first series was already sold out.

The second ones was made in March 2018, apparently it was English edition and its preparation was discussed here:

For people adept in polish language may be interesting really long recension:

A discussion in English was running at:

And what is this game exactly about?

Well, I would say it is a graphic action logical and adventure genre. But opinion about it will surely differ between people.