by Radek Sterba, raster/c.p.u., 2006-9

This program allows playing of *.RMT
(Raster Music Tracker) song files
on Atari XE/XL computers.
It is possible to play mono and stereo
module files with instrument speed
up to 4 times per frame.
Program supports PAL/NTSC systems,
playing speed is adjusted to 50Hz
always (on PAL also on NTSC systems).

Keyboard shortcuts:
ESC - exit to DOS
D - device Dx:
H - device Hx: (for Atari emu only)
1..9 - device number
0 - device D: (or H:) directly
SPACE - refresh directory
CURSOR ARROWS - select song file
TAB - manual entering Device:Fname
RETURN - play selected song file

If music is playing:
ESC - stop playing song file
1-9,A-Z - play subsong (if exists)
SPACE - play next song file
RETURN - turn on/off autoplay mode
In autoplay mode the next song file
will be played after 5 minutes
or after 5 seconds of silence.

While music is playing there are
showed some info items on the screen:
Volume analyzer
AUTOPL - if autoplay is turned on
1/1 - subsong / number of subsongs
4CH/8CH - mono or stereo
50-200Hz - instrument speed
Size X - file size (decimal value)